What Services Exactly?

What are the Specific Services You Offer Exactly?

  • Doing Social Media is like Doing DrivingWe endeavor to implement whatever is needed to get you more clients…

In our experience, small business owners often get caught up with "just doing social media", or "just doing SEO" or some such activity.

This is usually a mistake, in that just "just doing" these things is often done without a clear understanding of how to actually make them translate into more customers.  They often therefore produce little, at least in terms of tangible benefits to the business.

Hiring a company to be "just doing" these activities should not be a goal for small businesses.  Any more than "just driving a car" is likely to be a goal for your small business.

Driving a car is more likely to be just one means of getting to a specific destination.

In this sense, social media marketing, search marketing, video marketing, website design, site conversion optimization, content marketing and all the rest, are best understood as various potential "vehicles" which can help to achieve a specific goal.  Usually this is simply "getting more customers and or clients".

Yes, yes but I Still want to Know What it is that You do Exactly!

  • Okay here are some examples of what we do that we have found to be particularly effective right now.  Also what we predict will be particularly important through 2017 into 2018.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing - Creating Great Content Publishing and Promoting It

Content Marketing – Creating Great Content, Publishing and Promoting It

A catch all descriptive for creating great content, publishing and promoting it on the web.  The key thing to understand about content marketing is that it is a soft-sell, never a hard-sell.

This means regularly creating great informative, interesting content, to do with a specific subject area (market) without an obvious sell.  Done poorly this comes across as a continuous stream of blatant ads or promotional propaganda and turns people off.

Content Experts - You Can Be You Too!

Content Experts – You Can Be You Too!

Done right, it is a continuous stream of interesting, even educational multimedia material that people will naturally subscribe to in order to stay informed regarding a specific subject.

The hidden agenda is to use the stream of content to establish the source of the content as a subject expert, even a thought leader.  Ultimately, becoming the right place to buy from when the time comes.  Hence a soft-sell.

Content marketing is currently the most critical and effective way to increase web presence.

When it comes to our services we help our clients publish great content on their website and in lots of other places on the internet.  Most small business owners do not think they can come up with enough content and or know how or where to publish it.

We help our clients to overcome this obstacle, typically helping them to provide us with initial raw content which we can develop and publish.  We do this through a variety of techniques from recording Skype calls, to training them to create simple videos, to educating them on what can be great content in their market.  The client is always the content expert.


Search Marketing

Search Marketing - Is your website specifically about what people search for

Search Marketing – Is your website specifically about what people search for?

Search marketing, often also referred to as inbound marketing, is an aspect of "content marketing" that simply focuses on designing content so that it shows up when people search for it. "Specificity" and organizing content relative to markets (search phrases) is both an art and a science.


Video Marketing

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

One type of "content marketing" that leverages videos to drive more visibility and to appeal to a broader audience.  Counter-intuitively, many short low quality videos produced regularly can be much better than occasional high quality, well produced epics. This is true as long as the video is relevant and informative. Effective use of videos can boost online visibility, sales conversations, bid conversion rates, better internal training and effective communication.

  • Very hot and effective 2016 – 2017 and beyond
  • Boost online visibility
  • Boost sales conversions
  • If there is such a thing as the "one thing" that you can do to boost your business effectively, using videos would be it
  • Extremely easy to do
  • Learn more: Video Marketing Training for Small Businesses


Social Media Marketing

Small Business Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Part "content marketing" and part "interaction" with your prospective and existing customers, this is the big growth area.  Effectiveness in this activity will be a big competitive differentiator in 2017.

  • Has recently come of age, and should become a key part of any online strategy.
  • Engaging on the right social media platform for your business is the place to start.


Web Site Conversion Optimization

Small Business Website Conversion Optimization

Website Conversion Optimization for Small Businesses – Improve Your Bounce Rate

Often overlooked but an important part of any effort to increase site visibility. If your website does not convert, that is to get people to take the action you want them to take, all efforts to drive more visitors there are wasted.  If they instead "bounce" away from your website, this will kill your online visibility and your sales.  Getting this right can also substantially boost site visibility.

  • Often missed but a critical point of focus.
  • Learn more: Introduction to Web Site Conversion Optimization



Web Presence Training for Small Businesses Modules

Web Presence Training for Small Businesses

Web Presence Brain Training

A large part of what we do is helping business owners understand and execute on the things that need to be done.  Specifically, what business owners and their staff can and should do to help themselves and us, as we drive their visibility.  This can be technical knowledge, how to come up with content, what form it should take, how to write a blog post, how to create an effective video, where to apply focus, how to get great online reviews, online social interaction and more…

  • Enabling our clients in this way makes Holistic Web Presence very different compared to other companies.
  • The more you know, the more effective we can be for you.
  • Get started, learn about Holistic Web Presence Training

Website Design

Website Design see examples of our work

Website Design See Examples of our Work

Whether you have an existing website that just needs to be updated or are starting from scratch, the focus of any web presence strategy starts with an engaging and functional website.

Web Photography Services Portfolio

Web Photography Portfolio

Web Photography Services – See Examples Of Our Work

Every Website needs to have great images that are original, unique and help the site convert. Too much use of stock images reduces search optimization effectiveness. There are two forms of images:

  • Showcase images and story telling images
  • Images that show off what you do and images that help people to understand key points and encourage them to take action
  • See examples of our photography

Website Development

Gears 4-counterclockwise



This is all about the mechanics of your website.  Adding and editing content you can do yourself, should you be so inclined.  However, structural, navigational, layout and transactional changes will need to be set up by a developer conversant in HTML, CSS, PHP and much more.  Access to a web developer to get changes made quickly and easily is a must for any business.

  • Learning to communicate exactly what you want to a developer can be the biggest challenge
  • Understanding what can and cannot be done is also important
  • Also understanding the difference between relatively easy changes and what may be difficult or expensive to implement helps a lot too
  • How to take control of this process and work effectively with developers – Training Website Development

eCommerce – The WOOCOMMERCE Platform

Ecommerce by Holistic Web Presence

eCommerce, Your Own Online Store

WOOCOMMERCE ecommerce is becoming a big deal for usSelf-managed or fully managed, an on-line store can be a great way to make money online.  Stand alone or as an add-on to a larger site, done right eCommerce can also increase your core visibility.  It is relatively easy to build a store where people can buy your stuff, getting them to actually buy it is harder. We specialize in the WOOCOMMERCE WordPress add-on solution.

  • Niche specificity is the key
  • Understanding who your buyers are and being found by them is the trick
  • Think about the four pillars of an effective store, Store Build & Technology, Adding Products, Conversion Optimization & Merchandising

Local Listings and Local SEARCH

Local Listings and Local SEARCH

Local Listings and Local SEARCH

If you are a local business or if you have multiple sales offices in different cities, done well this can provide a vital and major boost to your web presence.  There is no doubt that for a local business, local listings often convert better than just having standard organic visibility.  Much more complicated than it at first appears, if you are not all over this, you are missing a major opportunity to get more local clients.

Outsourcing Offshore

Outsourcing Offshore

Outsourcing Offshore

Increase your business’s productivity and lower your staffing costs.  We practice what we preach, check out our "About Us" page.  By design, a lot of our staff are Filipino’s and we can’t say enough good things about them! Learn more about off-shore staffing and whether it might work in your business.

  • The Philippines is a great place to hire full time staff
  • Filipino’s generally are well educated, hard working and loyal
  • Reduce your staffing costs for certain types of work


Adwords & Paid Advertising

Adwords & Paid Advertising

Adwords & Paid Advertising

With Adwords, get traffic immediately, test your market, test your site’s ability to convert.  This can work well particularly for a local small business.  It can also be a good way to make a loss.  In the Adwords game, analysis is everything.

  • Only pay for traffic that actually makes it to your website
  • Don’t forget there are other places (other than Google) to advertise as well
  • Pay per click (only pay for results?)
  • Target specific locations


Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting is where your website lives.  Need your website hosted?  Do you want to manage it yourself?  Or do you want a web developer on call, without paying an arm and a leg for the privilege? Rest easy knowing your website is regularly backed up, updated and secure.

There is a difference between just "Hosting" and Hosting & "Maintenance".  You can do-it-yourself for about $10 per month. Our Hosting and Maintenance service is slightly more BUT it includes such things as CMS updating, plugin updating, regular back-ups, security updates and a "developer on call".

  • Professional hosting with maintenance is critical for a business website

WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS Content Management System

WordPress CMS – Content Management System

The WordPress (CMS) Content Management System is to website’s what Microsoft Office is to business applications.  At 54% market share, the next nearest being Joomla at 9.5%, we believe it makes sense to leverage the best and most widely used technology.  Add and edit content yourself without a developer, there is little that cannot be done better using WordPress.

  • Lower cost development, inherent search optimization
  • Pre-built additional functionality through plug-ins makes for faster development and lower costs

Holistic Web Presence Strategy

Holistic Web Presence Strategy - The Interconnectedness of Everything

Holistic Web Presence Strategy – The Interconnectedness of Everything

Holistic, "the interconnectedness of everything".  Each of the processes and systems above can be effective all by themselves.  However, when implemented and interconnected together, their effectiveness can be multiplied.   This "synergistic" effect is at the heart of Holistic Web Presence’s strategy. The client is at the center of this interconnectedness, in other words, our clients are a part of the process

  • Multiple results on page one, be everywhere, gain traction faster
  • We pro-actively help you to do as much for yourself as you have the time, energy and interest
  • We believe an educated client is a better client

Holistic Web Presence