Content Creation – How We Help Small Business Owners & How They Can Help Themselves

Resource Packs - I Know My Shit Like No One ElseGenerally speaking a business owner or product specialist in a small company is the only person who is going to be able to consistently do a good job of talking in depth about subjects that relate to their market.

Small Business Owner Content CreationOutsourcing this to a marketing company or agency is usually a big mistake. A marketing agency will never be as knowledgeable as the people that work in the business.

Further, the business owner’s expertise is inherently the "voice" of the company.  A marketing agency is never going to do a good job of replacing that "voice".

However, a good marketing agency can show business owners how to create a continuous stream of great content.  Often the existing perception is that once the product or service is described, there is little else to say.  This is rarely, if ever the case.

A good marketing agency can also facilitate and make it very easy and efficient for a business owner to communicate their expertise and knowledge.  The result is great content created with minimal effort.

Ultimately the client, their website and related web 2.0 properties becoming an "authority"  in their market in the process.

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