Best CRM Custom Solutions For Small Businesses

If you have asked yourself these questions but have been overwhelmed with CRM solutions that look expensive and complicated – consider talking to us. Our solution is intuitive to use, low cost and allows you to customized it to your business.

When we realized we needed a good CRM solution to track our leads along with our sales people’s activity, close rate and follow-up activity, we first looked at the usual suspects.  Salesforce and Infusionsoft being two of the most obvious.  We were however quickly overwhelmed with the complexity and costs of implementing the solutions.

We needed an application that we could roll-out quickly, one that provided off-the-shelf basic functionality yet allowed us to gradually develop it to suit our needs without incurring huge costs as we did so.

Here were our initial requirements:

  • Several people had to be able to use the CRM at once
  • We needed to track incoming leads
  • Track the sales person’s follow-up progress
  • Track the value of the leads
  • Automate a set of emails to go to the leads depending on status and original inquiry type

Simple CRM – Not too difficult you might think?

Problem was, while some of them started at relatively low costs, the costs escalated very quickly. Some were even free, to start with… As soon as we started adding users and wanting to make custom changes, adding new fields and actions, we either had to have someone in the company learn how to program the CRM, or pay a huge amount for minor customization’s.

What we needed was a way to get a system going with basic functionally then gradually improve it very quickly and easily. We wanted to gradually add functionality and do it within a manageable containable budget. We needed a CRM that would not escalate dramatically in cost as we customized it to our needs. We needed a CRM solution that would not require an individual in the company to become a CRM database expert devoting a significant amount of their time to develop and manage it.

We just needed to be able to pay a reasonable flat fee and be able to communicate with a developer that could add features, fields and actions as we needed them.

The Solution Turned Out To Be To Develop The CRM Ourselves

Now that we have done that, we realize that we can also offer the same service to our clients.

Here’s the deal

For just $147 a month you get a basic cloud based CRM solution.  What’s so special about this service though, is that you also get access to a developer who will make changes, add custom functionality, provide support and even brand the software to your business!

How Can We Do This So Inexpensively?

  • The core CRM solution has been built using standard technology HTML, PHP, SQL etc.
  • We have staff off-shore that are full time developers

That’s it, really simple…

How do you make use of this service? How do you test the solution and see if it is a fit for your business?

Simply apply for a test flight.  The first month is free providing that you are only making use of the existing functionality.  If you cancel before the end of the first month, no charges will be applied. After the first month, $147 will be applied monthly to your credit card.

Holistic CRM Custom Service

  • 10 User License
  • Cloud Based
  • Use your own preferred domain i.e. ‘’
  • Brand it consistent with your business
  • Unlimited customization