Graphic Design

Graphic design is all around us, it serves as a tool to influence or communicate to the audience its trying to connect. A graphic design work ranges from a small sticker to a full blown animated movie, that said graphics can be done in an instant or in a few years.

To properly create a graphic design art is to know to whom you are creating the art for. The quote "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a basic principle in graphic design. Meaning, for business purposes you need to convey a clean and professional looking art and more on the abstract or uniqueness for cultural art.

As graphic design envolved and developed the basic graphic design principles should always be taken into consideration to produce a successful graphic design package.

1. Alignment

Properly aligning elements in a graphic design art produces calming connection within its elements eliminating random mess

2. Contrast

Wherein you highlight important elements in the design especially if you are trying to draw the audiences attention to get them to engage (like cta buttons or website banners)

3. Color

Having the correct colors in your graphic design sets the mood for audience engagement. These colors should be use in mind to whom the art is for. For example, bright sharp colors may be uncomfortable for senior people but for children they convey fun and excitement

4. Space

The most basic principle that is usually taken for granted. Blank space allows a graphic design art to breathe, compressing and putting elements all close to each other will just confuse the audience and will get undesired results.


In conclusion to achieve a successful output in a graphic design art, it must have a purpose that involves good research and using several elements that comes together to create that perfect visual communication

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